Millraven is Michael Miller and Nonie Ravenberg. We offer professional project management services for trade shows, events and business. 

The name Millraven is of course a joining of truncated forms of our names. The moment this name was uttered in our naming discussion, it immediately felt right. We loved how the connections to the words “mill” and “raven” perfectly supported our brand personality. We think of the word “mill” in the manufacturing sense and it suggests to us precision, efficiency and a repeatable quality process. Ravens are confident, inquisitive, and smart birds, with a reputation for solving ever more complicated problems invented by the scientists studying them.

The mill is rooted firmly on the earth, and ravens can fly. Millraven focuses on providing the services that we’re already good at with a readiness to undertake new challenges.

Our Story

After graduating with a degree in biology, Michael determined that working trade shows was both more lucrative and more gratifying than conducting tests on lab animals. Michael left the lab and turned his talents to the trade show industry, accumulating more than 40 years’ experience since doing so. More important than the years is the breadth of his experience, which has included installation, warehouse management, drafting, estimating, show floor management, exhibit management and onsite management for domestic and international exhibitors. His management experience includes developing an international network of direct employee and partner relationships to deliver international exhibit services on five continents and over 42 international trade show cities. Michael’s stint working in a traveling circus in the late seventies as advertising agent, 24 hour man and concession manager enhanced his creative problems solving skills and gave him great insight into the human psyche. His work as fair manager for a non-profit public festival has broadened his experience into show organizing.

Nonie was working in marketing at an agency that was approached by a client who needed audience acquisition services for a seminar series. Finding this more interesting than the less tangible aspects of marketing, her next career move was to an event management company. This position provided a wide array of opportunities: essentially if you raised your hand, or just did it, you could make your work whatever most interested you. In the ensuing 18 years, Nonie has managed the marketing team offering audience acquisition services to clients, worked on event strategy and brand projects, created and documented business processes and training curricula where none existed before, established client trust and business credibility by developing and supervising rigorous event financial management practices, and fulfilled a plethora of other company needs including contract management, art director, brand manager, marketing communicator, photographer, copywriter, decorator, relocation manager, visual support developer, and in the words of one manager, generally helping “make us look smart.”